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Homebuilder faces suit over construction at Trilogy of Redmond Ridge For years, hundreds of Trilogy at Redmond Ridge residents say they have been pleading with California based Shea Homes, the 55 plus resort community developer, to fix and better waterproof more than 1,500 homes. They say the things every other homebuilder in the Pacific Northwest does to waterproof houses put flashing around windows, use the right paint at the right time to prevent mold, and installing moisture barriers on garages were not done on Trilogy homes. And by the time many of the original homeowners say they discovered the problems, possessions in
Cheap jerseys china their garages had been ruined and extensive wood rot needed massive repairs. Dale Stirn, 67, just replaced two rotting porch columns on the $400,000 house his wife bought about 10 years ago. He says it the latest repair in a series of wood rot and piping problems that cost the couple at least $20,000. love it here, love the people, everything else is perfect but the houses really should have

old, which would have made her the oldest Olympic cross country skier of all time by seven years didn’t even show up for the 10K women’s classic on Feb. 13, claiming injury. (She was the only one of the race’s 76 entrants who didn’t start.) A day later, in the 15K men’s classic, di Silvestri, 47, made it out of the starting gate but gave up just a few hundred meters later, claiming illness. He was reportedly the only starter who failed to make even the first checkpoint. There is no mention of any city or state championships anywhere in his Monsignor Farrell yearbook entry (class of ’85). And a 2000 article for the Staten Island Advance, a local newspaper, about di Silvestri paying $100,000 for naming rights to the wrestling room at his old high school, alerts readers to no schoolboy titles of note. When he was subsequently inducted into Monsignor Farrell’s Hall of Fame, the write up notes that di Silvestri was a "Staten Island Advance All Star" as a wrestler, but says nothing about city or state
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